Friday, July 2, 2010

Intern Post

As the newly appointed Creative Paths Intern, I thought I would introduce you to our project!
Creative Paths is a youth initiative helping “to expose Muskoka Secondary School students to creative career opportunities, engage them in the creative process, and increase their preparedness for integration into Muskoka's Innovative and Creative Economy”. The idea is that students get to explore other, non traditional, avenues for their futures. I, myself, was lucky enough to have been taught by some incredible local artists including Amy Bridle, Robin Clipsham, and Steve Carapiet. Their guidance helped fuel my passion for the arts, shape my “creative” mind, and, ultimately, my (very creative) route through university and college.
One of the most exciting initiatives Creative Paths has introduced is a Mentorship Program. Students are paired up with local artists in whatever artistic/innovative field that interests them, and spend a few hours a week learning from them. To date, there has been one fantastic match made, but this year we are shooting for at least 10! If you or someone you knows is interested in participating in the mentorship program, please have them contact their school’s guidance councilor or email for more information.
I’m currently sitting in my office, (which is located in the clock tower in downtown Bracebridge), and as I look out onto the street I can see the creative/innovative community in full swing! Unique clothing stores, boutiques, coffee shops, specialty stores, restaurants, galleries etc. line the downtown core. All of these businesses were thought up by someone who saw an opportunity, took a gamble on it, and has succeeded. Welcome to the era of Creativity!!

-- Dana Clark

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