Monday, July 5, 2010

First Day

It is my official first day here in the charming Bracebridge office as the Creative Paths Intern. I spent the morning brainstorming about the future of the project, receiving helpul hints about where to go in Muskoka (I am a brand new "import" from Oakville), getting up to speed on the current state of the project, and going over my own tasks. I am feeling excited, inspired and ready to get down to business with a slightly overloaded brain.

Due to the fact that I have been an official resident of Bracebridge as of this past Saturday, I realize I have a lot of learning to do about the people, the arts community, local organizations, and the region of Muskoka as a whole, but I am SO ready for the challenge.

I am very passionate about the arts, and as a person who has been positively affected by arts education, I am so thrilled to be taking a small part in the development of the creative economy in Muskoka. It is going to be quite the year!

-- Becky Conlon :)

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