Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Brunswick in the 21st Century

New Brunswick is a province that doesn't cross my mind too often. I have driven past it on various occasions and this time last year, I stopped in to check out their famous tourist stop "Magnetic Hill". I also applied for a job there once.

I am positive there is nothing wrong with New Brunswick. It is a beautiful place. It just has never been at the top of my list.

Today, my feelings have changed.

As you can imagine, I believe that properly preparing students for the future is highly important. Times have changed and the education system has to change with it. Unfortunately, the system is changing a littttle bit slower than I would like to see.

So, what does NB have to do with this?
A video was posted on Twitter today by ArtsSmarts, documenting how the New Brunswick education system is putting their focus into 21st Century skills. It is an exciting video to watch, and I hope every other Province and Territory get on board soon..

Check it out HERE.

High five New Brunswick!

-- Becky :)

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