Friday, August 13, 2010


So, we have been talking a lot about how important social media is around here...but, have you ever considered it to be a potential life saver?

I just read an article about the awful mudslides taking place in China right now - 1500 people are dead and various others are missing. Sad.

The article suggested that social media is now a reliable source for responding to emergency requests...makes sense to me! Afterall, the very first thing I did after I felt my house in Oakville shake last month (remember that little earthquake?) was go on twitter. I found various friends, and people that I follow, tweeting and re-tweeting information, questions etc. It amazes me how fast information can travel.

Now, did you know that the Chinese government have banned the use of Google (what!?!), Facebook and Twitter?

As mentioned in the article, here are some examples of when social media saved the day...
"•In Australia, two girls were trapped in a storm drain. They updated their Facebook statuses, and a classmate saw the news and contacted help.

•In Atlanta, a man tweeted about a woman needing medical assistance. He entered the exact intersection, and emergency services responded.

•In Canada, a woman was trapped under rubble from an earthquake. She texted for help, thereby alerting authorities."
Social media is truly an amazing tool, and it can save lives.

China, what are you doing?!?!?!

Happy Friday!
-- Becky :)

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